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Not so hot Off the Press!

10 Wineries Tucked Away and Worth the Drive

Leanne Hollley, Editor Texas Wine and Trail March 2015


In Moravia, Texas….wait. Where? MORAVIA mor-ah-vee-ya. You know! East of Seguin, between Flatonia and Shulenburg…ok never mind. Texas is a huge state but we already know that don’t we? If you’ve ever zoomed in to Google Maps, and I mean realllllly zoom, you’ve probably been humbled by our size from staring at the thousands of little communities you’ve never heard of. Communities like Weimar, St. Jo and Moravia. As Texans, we also know if we want to get out and see our incredible state and the wonderful people in it, it’s going to involve several stops for gas and food, and maybe a hotel stay (or two).

Link to Podcast by Texas Wine Lover

Jeff Cope, November 2015


Download In this episode of the Texas Wine Lover podcast, we talk to Tiberia and Kristina Bolinger from Barking Rocks Winery. Owner and winemaker Tiberia talks about his years at the winery and bringing Kristina on board for a new perspective. Enjoy listening about a popular wine at the winery especially when paired with food.

Barking Rocks Winery



It’s difficult to imagine anyone in the Texas wine industry having more fun than Tiberia. A free spirit who visited Texas on a whim in 1977 and never left, he’s squeezing as much juice as he can out of life and grapes.

"I was schooled in Connecticut and ended up in California. As an adventure, I took a train trip to Texas with a backpack and a guitar. Once I got here I found some good people and some good work and I just never got around to going back."

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